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350 swap parts

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Well, then, you need like 3 wires. The red one off the HEI is ignition power. The other one off the HEI is tach signal (not needed, per se). Then you need a trigger wire for the starter solenoid, that would be crank. And you need power to the starter solenoid/starter, straight from the battery.


So, turn the red one on for ignition on. Then put a button on your starter trigger, and push it to crank the engine over/start. That's assuming a mechanical fuel pump, and no electric choke or anything stupid.


Yes, it is in fact that simple. If you want to wire it into the factory column to use your key, etc, it's not hard either. You could figure it out with a multimeter, but if I'm really nice I'll look in my e-manual or see if I have the wiring diagram for mine somewhere.

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