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no brake lights

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Hi guys,

My brother has been bitten by the "no brake light bug".


87 MJ 4x4. the schematics available on-line do not match his truck.

and I'm confused.


We have brake lights on the drivers side, but not the passenger side.

the power feed for the drivers side is a gray wire with black tracer; for the passenger side, its a brown wire.

No power on the brown wire at the conncector under the spare tire. Where is the next connector in this line?

Also, does the output from the brake switch go straight to the sockets in back or does it go to the emergency flasher?

any help or suggestions would be great !!!!

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1) Check the gound - on the inside of the bed wall underneath.


2) Check the reverse lights - if they work then the ground and the NSS is good


3) Check the SPST switch that is attached to the brake pedal assembly - also that the wires are attached.


let us know how these work out



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sorry for the hijack, but I'm also having issues with my taillights, reverse lights to be specific. bulbs and fuse are good brake lights work fine as well as when the lights are on .......... sorta lost figured you all could fix two mj's in the same thread thanks all


again sorry for the hijack :chillin: :dunno:

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The connector behind the tire can cause problems with any of the rear lights (and the fuel pump too in my 88's case). Also check the reverse light switch on the trans. :thumbsup:


Like Pete says, the NSS (Neutral Safety Switch) on the transmission can sometimes show its initial problem by causing the reverse lights to stop working. A good writeup to refurbishing it is





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This is the best I can pull up........


http://www.rol.ac.psiweb.com/jeep/xj_88 ... agrams.pdf


Check pages 6 and 10.


The brake switch feeds thru the turn signal also, and some times the turn signal stalk is the problem to what your having. Also the brake lites feed thru the 4 way flashers, check if the flasher are working.......at all 4 corners, and at worst (easiest) change out the flasher unit, or just swap the 2 flasher units to see if that where your problem lies.

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Got it......it turned out to be a bent pin in the connector under the spare tire and an intermittent contact in the fuse box. looked like the previous owner jammed a wire in beside the fuse to pick up power and spread the contacts enought that they no longer grip the fuse. Chasing two problems at once with one of them intermittent is no fun......

Thanks for the help.

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