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Front control arm drops

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But they are very specialized pieces of steel that are under intense and complex forces during wheeling and driving.


Also, in Michigan at least, it's illegal to fab up your own suspension parts. There's more than one reason why I don't tool around town in my 88. :D

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I will probably pop for the rough country set up. Pete I'm sorry that Mich. won't let you guys experiment on your own rigs fortunately many of the other states will or we would not have any of the parts that we have today or at least not be able to use them on the road.

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If you are a NAXJA member, you get a discount on the Rough Country brackets. There is a huge thread over there all about these brackets - read through it and you'll get all the info you need.


I think the discounted price is something like $180 plus shipping. You can't beat that with a stick!

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hey Duner,


There's great info on the LCA drop brackets on the Rocky-Road website along with good pix

- http://www.rocky-road.com See > Cherokee XJ > Comanche MJ Suspension


Let us know what you decide on.. Build-On..



Stay away from RRO ones. I have them, you don't want them. Check out my Wild build and you'll see why.



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