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Gah ... removing carpet trim

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So, I went to pull up the carpet to inspect it but I can't get the kickplate off.


I got the bottom one (that "L's" up into the B-pillar) unscrewed.


The one I can't get out is the triangular shaped one that is up right under the blower motor. There is a recessed screw I can't get unscrewed ... is it Philips or Flat head?

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Try turning the screw and gently put pressure on the trim to force the scre out - you just need to somehow slide your hand in back of the trim or pull somewhat to kind of make the screw catch the treads and come out - good luck.

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Every one of those I've seen was rusted out and stripped. You might try a screw-out tip.


:agree: If you can't get anything to catch with the screwdriver, chances are its stripped and will need to be drilled or gotten out with one of those.



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it's probably not stripped.



the problem you're probably having is that you're not getting the phillips head screwdriver into the screw head. it's actually pretty hard to get it on the head of the screw in there...



get a flashlight and look inside of it then guide the screwdriver in. this may seem impossible, but it's not.

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