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give me some ideas-mj bogs and dies when i hit it hard

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i'm fine driving around, starts and stops, no problem. when i sit at a stop sign, it idles ruff like it set to low. when i hit the gas hard, it takes off no problem, but bogs and starts to die right away. so it gets off the line hard, just bogs within a few seconds. it's an 87 2.5 with 95k miles. :dunno: so any ideas what's going on?

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O2 Sensor! My 87 2.5 was like that too. I did all the other stuff they said to no avail. Put an O2 sensor in, and within 60 seconds of statup it started running great and havent had a problem since. Though I would still do the fuel filter also. Changing the cat should be a last resort due to their price, but is also possible.

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