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Head bolt number 11 ?

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So looking at my manual for re-installing the head on a 4.0, it has, apply sealing compound on bolt 11. I know why because the bolt hole goes all the way through, but what would be an appropriate compound? Would lock tight be ok or maybe the Right stuff gasket sealer? :dunno:



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i just used rtv on mine.


hey, when you're reinstalling the head, did you assemble the manifolds onto the head, and then the head on the block.


i'll never do it any other way. manifolds suck.


Since it's on a stand I'll do the head then the manifolds.


I used a high temp plumbing thread sealant paste from Lowe's, said it was good for 400+ degrees. Came in a little tube, about $4


I was thinking about this but didn't think it went up that high. My neighbor is a plumber, I'll see if he has some. :brows:



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