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Some General MJ Info and FAQs

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General Information

Trim Levels
Bed Information
Engine Identification, Specifications, Capacities and Maintenance
Read Engine Codes (Flashing check Engine Light)
Torque Specs
What Rear Axle do I have?
What Gear Ratio do I have?
How big a tire can I run on my axles?
Which Manual Transmission Do I have?
What does the Power/Comfort Switch on the dash do?
What wheels will fit my Stock MJ
What parts are MJ specific?
What parts from a Cherokee can I use on my MJ?


What parts from other vehicles can I use on my MJ?

What parts from other vehicles look like they would work but ARE NOT a direct swap

Dakota tail lights ARE NOT a direct swap for MJ tail lights
XJ fuel senders are a mirror image of MJ fuel senders


How Do I...

Go from 2 Wheel drive to 4 Wheel Drive
Swap out the BA 10/5 for a AX15 or AW4
Add Power steering (2.5L '87)
Full Gauge Cluster Swap: [86-90] [91-92]
Add Power Windows and Door Locks
Add (factory) Fog Lights
Replace Cargo Area Lights
Add a Full Center Console
Remove the Dash/Off-site Writeup
Remove the Interior Trim
Remove the Bed
Deal with Floorboard Rust
Finding Leaks
Replacing with patch panels
Minor Surface Rust
Service the Brakes
General Brake Procedures (off-site link to lunghd.com)
Brakes for Dummies (offsite link to familycar.com)
Bleeding the Brake System (starts with post 15)
Brake Line Adjustments
Rear proportioning Valve



97+ XJ conversion Specific Information

Front End Conversion on an '86 MJ
Front End Conversion ('87+ MJ) (under construction)
Windshield Washer Fluid tank installation
97+ Door handles and Mirrors on pre-97 doors



Engine/Starting/Stalling Issues

General Crank Position Sensor (CPS) problems



Common Upgrades

Dual Diaphragm Booster Upgrade
V8 ZJ Swaybar Swap
ZJ Steering Box
Making XJ Seat Brackets Work in an MJ
97+ XJ Door Seals
Under Hood Light
Electric Fan Conversion
Disk Brake Conversion


Under Construction....Please PM me or post other common questions (and ideally a link to a thread that answers them)

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I have some info for the late model nose swap: The harness for the at least 88 model only needed the 3 wires for the front marker/turn signals spliced in. You do have to dig into the late style harness a little ways until you find the wiring "junction" from the factory, and then cut it BELOW the soldered splice. Now jsut splice it into your original harness, after you verify the correct wiring connection BEFORE you crimp/solder. Oh, and don't forget to cap off the extra "hot" wire on each side that you will end up with. Look at the "pass.side" pic, and you can see what I mean.




Other than this, it was pretty much a "bolt on" over a couple of hours. :thumbsup:

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