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white face gauges???

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so i was at the junk yard today looking for some bucket seats and a center console when i found a gauges with white faces (kinda wish i had found them when i did my swap)

i had never seen this anyone know if this original or some crazy after market thing (i remember running into some aftermarket deal on ebay long time ago)


also whats a good price for bucket seats and a center console? looking to do a swap

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It is possible these gauges were installed this way.



May be some one can explain how to remove the needles and get them back in place and functioning accurately.



I like the gauge faces that show higher speeds and RPMs. look at #11 &16 they go up to 105mph. Yes I know that is not a speed normal traveled, however if you have ever lived out west you know that 85mph is a normal driving speed in some areas. I have been known to drift up in to the upper 90s on empty highways especially on nice days.


Don't get me wrong, just because your speedo goes to 105mph does not mean you should actually go that fast.posting.php?mode=reply&f=2&t=14733#




The gauge faces are down loadable PDFs that you print on a gloss paper. They sell for $10.00 USD.


If you want metric units they have those also. posting.php?mode=edit&f=2&p=148513# Kinda cool if you go to or live in Canada. posting.php?mode=edit&f=2&p=148513#

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