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What axles would these be then?

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Apologies if I'm being a search dimwit :dunce: I know there's a thread around somewhere with lots photos of all the different types of axles but having failed to find it with a search and got to page sixteen of the tech section without success I'm posting the question :brows:

Today I thought it's about time I learnt a bit more about my trucks under carriage. Can someone either point me to the relevant thread or tell me what axles these are.....pulease and thank you! :cheers:



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Thanks guys image_209027.gif


edit: I don't suppose you got time to enlighten me as to the dependability of a Dana35 for load carrying?

Items like, say, I know! 1000lb Campers :brows:

Double edit! And where that axle identification thread lives?

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If you take it easy, and don't use over sized tires, the 35 might be fine. Run it until (if) it breaks, then find a 44 or Ford 8.8 to replace it with.


a 97+ 8.25 is a good option too.....and easy to throw disc brakes on. they can be had for $100 or so.

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Probably won't matter. The 35 has structural issues that a good lube won't solve. I'd be looking into replacing it sooner rather than later if I was hauling a huge camper. :thumbsup:
Agreed...not only are the axle shafts weak, but the housing is too. Consistently hauling that much weight is going to bend/break that housing and/or the shafts, as Pete said, "sooner than later".
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