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high idle

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The first start is usually always good. But after that like around town it wants sometimes to go to like almost 3000 rpms when I go to start it and I have to shut it down then restart then it goes away. Its a very intermittent thing.


1988 comanche 4.0 5 speed manual

i replaced the egr, injectors, plugs, cap.

TPS and ICU about a year old now both are neighoffs.

I replaced the cps as well. In fact I have replaced everything but the computer and the map sensor.

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Clean the throttle body and IAC real well as suggested. If that doesn't help, then you are likely having an issue with the IAC itself. I had the same issue, but after spending the money on a new IAC, TPS, MAP Sensor, Temp Sensor etc, etc... I found my problem to be a ground issue on the right side of the block :fs1:

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Well I think my throttle cable might be sticking. When I was driving home the other day on the freeway I took my foot off the gas and the truck kept maintaining speed. Well I don't have cruise control. So I don't know if thats an issue with the pedal or the linkage or what? :hmm:

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