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No start question

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Jsut finished putting the MJ back together after painting it and now it will not start. Made sure the ground for the taillights/fuelpump is grounded well. Checked the battery, it was toast, got a new one. Put new battery in and still will not start nor turn over. NO clicks or anything. I tried pulling the lights on, and they stay one when the key is turned, the after market radio however turns off when the key is turned to start. I am going to pull the starter today and have it tested today, if it does not snow too much before I get to it. Any ideas if the starter is good? :headpop:

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Well it is now alive once again. Turned the key on and jumped the starter solenoid and she fired up. Drove it to the shop to finish hanging the exhaust back up, pulled it in shut it down and it refired 3 times. Must have been froze up from the cold weather?

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The ignition switch is actually on the base of the steering column, here's a link to a zip file to the complete steering column / ignition switch-


http://www.lunghd.com/Downloads_and_Lin ... Switch.zip


Also, if your truck is an automatic, check the NSS to make sure that's not all gunked up, jumping the solenoid, with the truck in gear, could cause a problem :eek:

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