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Cutting Fenders....Flares

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Hey guys i got a new fender for my passenger Side today.


So With My 31s I have no rubbing but i Plan on Cutting My fenders and getting larger tires and a lift.


BUT i have seen many different Cut fenders on here ppl Cut Differently. Some follow The factory Shape and others change it A bit.


Also the rear quater trimming but there was Already a thread about that.


So Now Everyone Post up Pictures of Cut/Trimmed Custom OR modded fenders/ Flares


If ya would :)

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I cut out quite a bit as you can see.

Then I used MJ rear flares from the JY worked out really good.

(they were blue so I painted them with rattlecan bedliner, I then did the rears to match. I really like the looks of it.)



I have wondered about using rear MJ flares on the front, but haven't had the time to measure and see if it would get any more clearance. Good to see someone else had the same idea. I think I will go that route as well.

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