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high idol after engine wash

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OK i need some help i tried to search and i am sure its here some where but i used some engine cleaner today and got everything super clean! i made sure i opened the distributer and dried it out! but when i start up my MJ it races to 2500 rpm and won't kick down WHAT HAVE I DONE? :wall: I would like to resolve this tonight before i don't get any sleep over it as my son has a feild lacrosse game tomarrow and its a 1.5 hr drive and i need this fixed HELP PLEASE GURU'S!!!!! :bowdown:

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I am not sure what it was but i undid all electrical connectors and vac lines and blew them out with compressed air waited 15 min and hooked it all back up and away it went! go figure! i didnot find any moisture in any connectors or vac lines but hey it worked :cheers:

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