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MJ 2wd


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Came across this for sale today (see photo) . SB, 2wd, manual, 4L. Can anyone run a VIN 1JTMW6410JT051034 to chk yr & tranny equip. I'll guess its a 90. Tan vinyl full bench with A/C it look like. . It was locked so couldn't check get inside. No apparent rust in bed or on body & paint is in really good cond & only one slight ding. It will take a couple days to run the owner down & see what he wants for it . Like I really need a 3rd one in the stable. Image Not Found


[/img]Image Not Found


Image Not Found[/img]

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The owner has had it since 94 as 2nd owner. Has around 140k's on it. Says it has no mechanical problems & no rust(Uh-huh), but I'll look under the carpet. Only driven few times in last 5 years (he can't shift-knee surgery prob). Asking $2200. Thats to high for me so I'm going to offer him $900. Wheels & tires are worth 1/2 that. See where that goes.


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