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Last electrical gremlin question (please God)

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So when I'm driving around all day, turn signals work, brake lights work, all is well. when I have the parking or headlights on, no brakes, no turn signals, no hazards! Bad headlight switch??


I never had these gremlins before I let her sit for 6 months!



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Just to add to what Pete and BLHTAZ said,

when I got mine,the electrical system was possessed

by demons.

Get a service manual with wiring diagrams,find every

ground on the outside especially,and clean them all.

That cured all my problems.

Bad grounds will cause some funky stuff to happen.

Good luck.

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GOOD LUCK :cheers:


I know the left front socket is bad, so I'm going to start there! LOL Pete is right about grounds!! Everything under the hood and really from the grill back is good, since I had it all apart for the engine swap.



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