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$300 manche

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just bought a this 88 jeep comanche for 150 bucks and have done some work it was a red and sun bleached thank to Arizona sun planning to buy some tach and some after market gauges and maybe a cb and police detect will post picks of it painted tommarow NO E BRAKE



adding these tomarrow



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so my e brake breaks today anyone know how to go about fixing it


your ebrake broke? we'd need specifics on what it's doing, as there are a few different ways that it can break...


but, basically you have 3 cables. one comes from the ebrake pedal, the pedal or the first cable could have snapped but not likely. then the first cable from the cab goes to a bracket in the center of the truck above the driveshaft, and joins with the other two cables with an adjuster/splicer piece, and sends one cable to each drum. these commonly rust out, and yes you can get a hold of them through the dealer I believe.


if not, just use cherokee e-brake cables and lift it :D

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