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Once again an owner, '87 4.0 Auto this time.

Kenosha Warrior

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The first one was a bog-standard 1989 SporTruck. 2.5 litres of angry squirrel backed by a 4spd 2wd AX-4. I regretably sold it last October to make way for my dearly departed 1989 XJ.


Well I was entertaining the idea of Smurph's '87 SWB 2.5L that needed some lovin' but passed on that only to find an '87 closer to home.


It started out as a 4.0/automatic 2wd SporTruck. The PO ran this from Belleville to Toronto each weekend for 7 years before the first 4.0 started blowing oil. Now, for most Ontario-members, 1987 is the Emissions Cutoff year. Well before that, there was the rolling exemption, 1987 Wasn't 20 years gone by so out the original 4.0 came. In went a complete XJ drivetrain including the full guages AMC-era dash and bucket seats + console dash and doors. Black interiors are spiffy stuff. The AW-4 and NP231 went in with the front D-30. That motor did the same thing, spew oil past the rings so out it came and in went another 4.0. I bought it for $400 CDN tonite with a busted windshield, no tires or rims, a dud fuel pump, no alternator or rad. The best part is that a literal bedfull of spare parts incl a new fuel pump came with it. Its going to be a wheeler and stay automatic for the girlfriend's driving pleasure.


Pics tmrw afternoon/evening.

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