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Recommend a Digital Camera


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All my life i've had hand me down digi cams (still cameras) and have never been satisfied with the pictures they take. I probably could mess with the settings to get better results but I don't have the time or know how to really do that.


Can anyone out there recommend (dare I say it?) a point-n-shoot camera? My price range would be between 200-300 but I could shell out alittle more if it's the difference between a lame and awesome camera.


I don't mean to call you out but LEAD_NOT_FOLLOW i've noticed your pictures are always crystal clear, regardless of conditions (sunny, indoor, action shot). What do you use? Any recommendations?


Here's the only camera I've considered so far: Olympus Stylus 790SW. My roommate had it and it was amazing how water proof it was (he could drop it into a fish tank and take pictures under water with no problems). It appeals to me simply because of it's durability, which we all know the value of a good durable product.




EDIT: I've seen the olympus retail for $240-270, which is right about where i'd like to be.

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How about a used digital rebel? Got over 20000 images on mine and still climbing.


Nothing beats a digital SLR!


those are pretty pricey aren't they?


go to cnet.com, consumersearch.com, and photographyreview.com, that should give you more than enough info. i like consumersearch.com because it basically reads all the reviews out there for you and consolidates the overall rankings

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Around $179.00 at Walmart. 7.2 pixel resolution, autofocus, AA battery powered, camera card. You can spend alittle more for a battery charge pack model, I would also reccomend buying a bigger memory card like 2 Gig, I believe the one that comes with is only 56 meg, about 16 pictures.

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I have been very happy with my Fuji FinePix S700 so far. It has a fully automatic mode, but also has a lot of user adjustable options if you care to learn them. I got it because it was in my price range at the time and I wanted the added adjustability to get shots the the auto mode just won't do like this...



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