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1986 Comanche Custom

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I started out just wantin a jeep like my dad has (2007 JK), but then I came across this Comanche online and I had to have it. So, $300 later and a short trip down the road gave me this:

And...here it is after we found out it had a bad valve cover, and radiator (or so we thought) and had to have it towed to my house:

And so I took it to a guy who knew alot more about mechanics than I did, and found out I need a Distrubitor timer, timing chain, water pump, AND thermostat. So After the $400 that took, and got it home, got a cover for my ripped seat:

And then, a few weeks later, i decided to add some accent paint, and get rid of some of the rust on my grille guard...all black of course

Durring the front end tear down

And then after that, my dad thought he would be funny, and consider the next few years the jeep brawl between me and him

Not two weeks after all this, a guy had to stop short in front of me and RUINED my grille guard :mad:

And then even before i became a member, I already repped ComancheClub in my area....and yes, i stole this from a member already here :D

And just a few days ago, i got my passenger window regulator fixed (a pain in the @$$ :headpop: ) and got the interior back together...for now

Plans for tomorrow if Fay calms down for a day, or even a few hours, take out the rear interior panels on the passengers side to check for speaker mounts...and that bucket seat in the pictures has been replaced with an XJ seat, I only have the drivers side seat at the moment, will post pics tomorrow

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Just like I said yesterday, Here are some pics of my interior as it is now:

And with that new interior, I got to say goodbye to this POS bench:

Ok, and the grille guard that got totaled, also did this to the mount bracket:

And can anyone help me figure out why my valve cover is still leaking? I got a new valve cover, and i am still getting oil all over the block:

And does anybody have a spare radiator overflow tank thats intact, because i need one that won't be just sitting there waiting for something to happen:

And because i know I did't post pics of the truck all over i took some extras:

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Nice to see another '86 Custom in the build :)


Keep up the great work! Although I'd save that bench seat, they will be very rare in the near future (no XJ's had them and most MJ owners are getting rid of them..). I found one in Europe and just had to have it (my Custom had buckets originally) becouse I need room for my dog (and wife).. :brows:


ps. that's one very cool interior color on the panels/dash. Have not seen another one with the same...

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Wow....Nobody has any ideas for what I should do....come on people....I want some ideas....


My Ideas:


-4.5" Lift

-Actual BrushGuard

-Reupholster Dashboard

-Get better door pannels and have then reupholsterd to the blue interior

-New headliner (just the back board)

-Post a Navy flag for the headliner (enlisting as soon as MEPS clears me)

-Repaint it a slighty darker blue, with the blacked out lower

-2WD to 4WD....SOON

-Get CC decal (just like the site main...((look in the upper left and corner)) for each side under the trim piece

-Repair my drivers side wing window (totally broken from the door)

-HEPEFULLY get a new cluster so i don't have to deal with all them dummy lights

-Chrome out the from (grille and headlight housings)

-New JEEP decal for tailgate

-Hopefully find sport taillights

-Get H2 headlights

-Decide whats better (4.0 or 4.3)

-Get carpet instead of vinyl for floorboard

-Get my matching Jeep TJ rims from Ironman Jeep Parts




Will update as ideas come to me jamminz.gif

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People have gotten used to the way the forums are set upand I'm sure you'll get more responses if you post where they expect it to be. The Tech section is for owners asking questions about MJs (either theirs or just in general). The Projects section is more for people asking questions about your MJ and for you to post updates on its progress. Not everyone looks in the Projects forum on a regular basis so if you're looking for a radiator tank, you should post that up in the classifieds. If you're looking for input on what to do, I'd post that up in the Tech forum (and they'll want to know what you plan to do with the truck; muddin or trail rides or street and 2-track only, etc and also your level of mechanical skills so be prepared). comancheB.gif


Oh, and car-part.com may be able to help you find a rad tank from an 86 MJ or 84-86 XJ (I don't know if the tank changed in 87 so after that might even work). Don't look for a tank though, look for 2.5L-specific parts like the engine or transmission and then call the junkyard to see if they still have the Jeep there.

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That's it. Everybody load up and move to SC.


He's in Pickens. Maybe 20 mins away from me. Getting my tranny transfer case and both axels from them. As well as all my interior parts I need and my set of TJ rims. They have I think almost 15 axles just sitting in a stack with a few trannys I have seen layin around.


The one I am gutting:

And just some pics from around where you pull up

And yes...that tall @$$ truck...thats the lift on it (its in donuts)

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Well engine looks the same as it did before....thats why i can figure out whats going on....fried all the oil that leaked out though


EDIT: My dad was the smart one to spry carb+choke cleaner ALL OVER my engine where he knew oil was puddled up at then *POOF* fire :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

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No really, your jeeps on fire!!! ha ha i can only laugh because ive had one catch on fire too. it happens!!! :headpop: I need to get up that way to find some wheels. what is iron man phone number? Those are some good ol boys, they do good work too.

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hey my mj caught fire a few years back.tranny over heated and spit fluid out the tube.them valve cover is probly cracked.they have a funky gasket set up.get a new one or go metal


I have a brand new valve cover (maybe 4 months old) and when I called a jeep jy, they said they havent made an aluminum or metal 2.5 valve cover

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sorry to say guys at junkyards or parts stores don't know everything. i happen to have an aluminum one on my 2.5 powered manche. i have had three comanches powered by the 2.5 and have been working on these thing for the last 9 years. if you look you can find it

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