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8) Cool...thanks. Got one for our YJ.


I already have it, but I noticed that they don't have any MJ listing.


Nope sorry, never come across any MJ FSMs, most of mine are newer reference material, the old stuff was never published in PDF as PDF didn't exist at the time.

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for those in need of FSMs check out:




Thanks for the link, I needed a manual for my TJ.

Now I'm killin' trees with my printer :D


Meh, no sense in printing me thinks, easier to search the PDF via keyword, find what you need, and then print off just that section and get it greasy.


Course for me, the laptop often finds its way to the garage so I can have the electronic reference by my side anyways.

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I don't have that one #277, but I have #278 which is all body for the MJ.


I think the #277 is engine and drive train for the MJ, 1986 edition.


If you have the 4 book set for 1989, your all set ;) There is really no major changes from '87-90 for like 5 Jeep models in your set.


Still......for $20, it's worth picking up, for the 2.5 and 2.8 :roll: info.

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