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MJ in the Junkyard...CC card on the seat!!


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**Pics coming soon**


I was at Taylor Auto today, and there was a red metallic 86 Comanche X 2.5. I opened the door and there on the seat was Pete's CC card!! I am wondering if the owner got it before he junked it, or did somebody drop the card for someone to notice as they pull parts?? Who gave this guy a card?? I'm guessing it was Pete. Whoever it was, tell your story!!!


Anyways it has the blue faced full gauge cluster, LED clock, and red/white cross hatched bench in good shape. The box was pretty much rusted beyond recognition, but it would have been nice truck if taken care of... :cry:


No AMC 20, I already checked. ;)


Pics coming soon of this...

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If I can get back out there I'll grab them. Can't promise when I might be able to.


I DIDN'T SEE THAT ONE IN THERE I SEEN THE OTHER RED ONE pete told me about. How come you didn't put a card in the one a week ago?


I did. It must have been snatched up or someone knocked it off the street. The one in the photos is new, the other one is long gone.

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I would be very appreciative. No rush at all. I can do without the extra 30HP that they will give me when attached to my truck for now. :D


The right sides are ripped off. All thats there is the Left side Comanche and X badge...

Shucks I still would like the badge that is there and maybe the "X" badge.

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