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Need a little help with engine related problem

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just bought the truck,( second one my wife is getting a little upset i think i have the bug pics to come soon as well as project summery) jamminz.gif

1988 jeep comanche, 4.0, pukegoat 5 speed, np 231 133k miles

it has a stuttering problem with very little throttle applied in all gears

but you can power through it with more throttle, if held there it will continue to pop and stumble unless you just under or over that spot.

i checked tps and it was fine but replaced it with another anyway

i checked cap and rotor and wires and plugs all were new and recently put in. i replaced fuel filter and ran injector cleaner through system still there. i am not thinking in the direction of fuel system due to low load seems to be same spot or load situation what do you genius COMANCHE owners think thanks in advance

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A friend's stroker did that when it was running lean. He played with an adjustable MAP sensor to richen it a bit, but in the end he went to larger injectors.


I'm not saying you should go to larger injectors on a stock vehicle, but this could nonetheless be fuel related. First, it may just be old gas that doesn't have much "oomph" left in it. It could also be a partially plugged fuel filter. That's on the driver's side frame rail, approximately beneath the driver's seat. I'd suggest changing the filer, running a couple of tanks through it with some good injector cleaner mixed into fresh gas, and see if it clears up.

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You can get a set of fuel injectors HERE for a very resonable price. If you use the word ' JEEP ' as a discount code at check out it should take 10% off as well. ;)


I use these injectors as well as several other folks on here and they are great. I got a 14% increase in MPG as well as a much smoother running engine and better acceleration from the swap.

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