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Potato Gun

500 MJ

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3 foot 2" barrel with a 15" long 6" back chamber that has a 2" 45 degree angle on it that the charcoal drill lighter is mounted in. It is wrapped in ducttape and the back cover is used as a safetly blowout. I love using blackwalnuts that have just fallen from the tree and still have the green "skin" on them... Wicked, they could probably kill someone. I killed a raccoon with a walnut. :brows: aquanet and O2 from the torch is about the best propellant I've found. I want to make a half sized one as a raddish pistol. 8)

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Last time I played with a spud cannon was 15 years or so ago. Using half frozen potatoes we shot one through both side of a porta-john, killed a few ground hogs and when shot at a dumpster from ~100 feet away it just left a 3' wet spot. No potatoe remains to be found.


Those were the times...

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Anyone else got one?



My brother and I had our own firework show after we got back from the county one tonight...



Image Not Found


In the immortal words of MiniBeast




I have no desire to setup a Facebook account BTW...

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Ah Spud Guns.


I own too many to count.


We started small one night a number of years ago and ever since got hooked. My and a buddy have build atleast 20 launchers.


Now days I use 300,000 volt stun guns to ignite a largely Ethyl Ether solution, my buddy has a propane injection gun using a stun gun to ignite the mixture. Golf balls and a piece of paper towel work really well and can easily put very large dents in steel plates :) Frozen spuds are fun too!

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