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soa kits


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There's only one that I know of and that's through Hell creek suspensions.


Any particular reason you need bolt-on? You're not contemplating combining a Dana 35 axle with really big tires are you? :eek:

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Make friends with someone that does. :D Or look into local shops. Repair shops, muffler shops, etc. all have welders. At least six different people have done welding on my 88. Possibly going on 7 since I can't seem to get a hold of the guy who did my rollbar and sliders.


But back to the real issue at hand, what size tire are you looking to get and which rear axle are you using? Is the truck going to be a wheeler, or just a daily driver?

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? i am looking for a bolt on soa kit for the mj were can i get the best one and the cheepest on



Well for one you can't get the best one at the cheapest price. Just because Tide is best and claims to be least expensive doest it make it so!

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ok i made up my mind i am doing a weld on kit soa all suspenchin lol (i hit my chin every time i work on it ). eny way parts for whole lift are going to be from BDS that is who local 4x4 shop uses and gave me good price

all parts are ordered and will be here by tuesday here is the list

4 shocks

steering stabilizer

4 new soft 8 rims

4 trXus at 31x10.5x15

all parts for rear soa weld on perches

total cost $1100

front lift is done already

and yes i will get some pics when done so don't yell at me lol

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