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Found 4 results

  1. This will be the official build page for the MJ Motorhome. Progress pictures will be posted as work progresses. Before and After so check back through out the months ahead. Registration battle continues with Nevada DMV, however, new plates have arrived and I have it registered (Kinda), More inspections and vehicle history investigation with California DMV. Period correct replica plates for the year 1987 here in Nevada. The camper is stowed away for now, I will bring her out after the snow for some pictures. But for now I will plan the build out. If you have an Idea post a comment or find me on FB @Joe Kidd, I'm in most of the Comanche and Cherokee groups. It's going to its first 4x4 show and shine in Carson City Nevada May 6th. in its current condition if you want to see it up close.
  2. well I bought an 87' metric ton mj. 4 liter i6 312k miles and the 4 speed auto(might swap for a stick later). Literally no rust. It has a tiny bit of surface rust on the tailgate and the hood. I got it for 2k it needs a lot of work such as a new bench seat, figuring out why the taillights and tail turn signals don't work (fuse?) I need to give it a good cleaning. I need to name it to I'm getting some like rough and tough girl vibes from it(if anyone has any suggestions lemme know) it also needs a new grill( the dude I bought it from gave a mint one to me)
  3. Hello all, I recently picked up my second MJ (1989 Long bed, 4x4, 4.0 auto) and it has the metric ton package. I want to lift it 4.5" (planning on running 33's) but don't want to lose the payload capabilities. I read the leaf spring thread and many people are saying the MT leaf springs were giving them 3 inches of lift. I am assuming those were short beds with the beefier springs but unsure. Any suggestions or advice?
  4. Strolling through the parking lot of my local hardware store, I spotted this short-bed MJ in the parking lot. It's a dark purple Pioneer 4x4. Not sure of the year (the VIN was covered by some paper, so I couldn't get it). It's a Metric Ton with an immaculate back bumper lol. Was a 4.0L/5-speed with bucket seats. I didn't have any cards on me, so I wrote down the site on an old oil filter box and my username. If it's anyone here or you're just now joining, hi!
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