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  1. The floor pans have been fixed with new pans properly welded in. wasn’t sure about the JCR rock sliders so thank you for clarifying and pointing me towards Krustyballer and Dirtbound Offroad. Both seem to be viable options. Not a welder (Wish I was) so I won’t be fabricating much on this rig.
  2. I’ve compiled a to do list stemming from what I know about the truck. I’m going to post this in my MJ naïveté because I’m curious as to how much “Reality” will change my list. Comanche to do list: Purchase Comanche ✅ Retrieve Comanche Get driveshafts sorted and connected Sort out suspension Sort vacuum leaks Clean up engine bay Fix wiring for tail lights. Strip interior and install dynamat Clean up and sort interior Reupholster seats and whatever else needs it. Find mirrors or decide if updating front end and replace doors fenders hood front clip with newer style. (I’m torn on this. I used to be so enamored with the newer Cherokee front end update but the original has kind of gained value to me.) Order Notch Customs M-Max fender flares Order JCR front bumper Order JCR rear bumper Order JCR rock sliders Order Winch. ( I have a smittybuilt 12000# with remote and synthetic rope on my JK and man it has been very useful. Have never had one single issue with it.) Order JCR roof rack or light bar clips.(I love having a lot of useful auxiliary lights on my rig. They come in handy so often so need to decide on just how useful an above cab rack would be. I cycle, kayak and paddle board a lot and haul lots of stuff.) Find 18 or 19 Rubicon take off wheels and tires. Buy XM head unit and back up camera speakers amp etc. Buy heated JWSpeaker LED headlights. Buy lights for front and rear bumpers and roof rack, and rock lights. Rigid Industries, KC Baja lighting Decide on paint color.
  3. Purchased this on Wednesday, November 27th in Yukon OK. Drove out from Southwest MO and looked at it and bought it. Now I have to get it home. I also need to sell my 12 Gecko Rubi to fund this project. I’ve always favored long bed Comanches. I’ve watched the prices steadily climb over the last 3 years and I figured it was time. I love my Rubi, I’m the only dad she’s had. Ordered her from the factory exactly the way I wanted her so I’ll miss her. I have an 08 XK 4.7 for my daily. This will obviously be a restomod. Not super excited that the fenders have been cut but Notch Customs M-Max fender flares look great and hopefully they’re quality. At my age, I’m happy to tackle certain things but there’s also stuff I would just rather have someone better skilled than I do it correctly. I need advice and counsel and words of soothing comfort. From the previous owner: 1987 Jeep comanche Long Bed Truck. 1996 Jeep cherokee 4.0, np231 and aw4 automatic transmission swapped. drivetrain has 214k on it, it came from a cherokee I owned for many years. Brake booster and master cylinder have been swapped and upgraded to 97+ cherokee. new plugs, wires, cap and rotor, most sensors have all been replaced 3 row aluminum radiator new motor and trans mount fresh coolant fresh oil fresh transfluid cherokee seats with 97+ center console along with carpet as well. the rust has been cut out of the floor boards and correctly been fixed and welded so its currently rust free. wheels, tires, axles: front Dana 30, rear Ford 8.8 both geared to 4.88s with yukon gears. 8.8 has all new brake lines, 2 spare yokes, 2 sets of shock tabs, new brake pads and rotors. 35x12.5x15 big km2s suspension: front. 4in coils, with 2in spacers, currie aluminum upper and lower adjustable control arms with Johnny joints on both sides. rear: stock and original mj springs, spring over plates added and welded. I have all of the interior panels, original center console. Have gone back and forth on where I wanted my starting point to be and what my threshold between purity and modding would be. The purchase of this has made a lot of decisions for me. I won’t be wheeling the hell of this. On a scale between 1-5, 1 being Bro Dozer and 5 being level 5 trail difficulty rig, I’m probably aiming for about a 2.2. I’ll be retrieving my MJ next Sunday. Let the journey begin.
  4. Very nice. Thx for updating this build thread and thx for the text regarding the truck. Following.
  5. SiXJaK

    Noob saying Hi.

    Update: traded my 04 SC'd RCSB Silverado for a pretty clean 2000 SLP Camaro SS. Red TTops SLP dual tip exhaust 6MT. 108,xxx miles. AC needs fixing. I figure I can sale this easier than my truck. So in my mind, I guess I'm a bit closer to getting my Comanche. On a positive note, the SS is a riot. I'll fix the few issues and try and sell it for 10k or if the planets align and some Comanche owner is looking for a trade.
  6. SiXJaK

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    Thank for the insight. I'd like to stay around 3-5 anyway. I'm in no hurry to make a stupid decision.
  7. SiXJaK

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    What is a unicorn? Turbo diesel?
  8. SiXJaK

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    I'm not sure how to post pics. He's asking 7k. Claims there is no rust and pics and vid clips seem to validate. Body is extremely straight. I'm just not sure about spending 7k and having little left over to do lift and tires. Don't want a POS that's rougher than blazes either.
  9. SiXJaK

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    "1988 Jeep Comanche condition: excellent cylinders: 6 cylinders drive: 4wd fuel: gas odometer: 148000 paint color: grey title status: clean transmission: manual This is about the rarest Comanche you can find. If you are looking at this add you know you are looking at a true unicorn. Grab this before the new Jeep pickup Truck comes out and Comanches Sky rocket in price Metric ton 4x4 Long bed Dana44 4.0 inline 6 Ax15 5spd New stereo New exhaust New cap rotor and plugs New high performance air filter CLEAN interior New window rubber and felt from classic jeeps. Rear sliding window factory and Leer top. Brand New Goodyear wrangler tires less than 100 miles. I have receipts for everything. I put the new tires on Canyon wheels for a better offset and look. I still have the mint condition stock wheels In my garage with mint trim rings. Needs nothing. Completely stock . Excellent runner. Goes to Cali and back. A true Gem. I would NEVER sell ......."yada yada yada Thots? Is this hype? Is it too much to pay for this vehicle?
  10. SiXJaK

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    Thanks for your input. Much appreciated. Looking forward to lurking around here and gleaning as much info as I can. Gotta sell a Silverado and a Lexus first lol so sez the missus. Kids are growing up and leaving the nest as it were. There's some pretty cool builds here.
  11. SiXJaK

    Noob saying Hi.

    Hi all. Currently own a 2012 gecko rubi and a 2008 4.7 Commander. For some inexplicable reason, I've been bitten by the Comanche bug and am looking to purchase. Quickly discovered that these trucks are kinda scarce. i prefer the long box over the short box but will definitely pull the trigger on anything that's reasonably clean and straight. Am looking for a 4.0 preferably 4x4 and don't care about tranny whether it's auto or manual. What are the known red flags on these rigs and what are the positives? and am I even asking the right questions? Looking forward to learning more about these rigs.
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