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  1. It looks dope AF so there’s that. I’ve got it all tightened up. It’s a well sorted out kit and if you get hung up, customer service is excellent. No 45 min waits on the phone “due to COVID”. hooking up the front drive shaft tomorrow and temporarily securing the fuel tank and see what she does. Had to cut off the exhaust to install passenger side of TNT long arm kit. She already has headers so it won’t be quiet at all. We’ll see if the previous owner was being truthful about it having 4.88 gears. After looking at the Dana 44 in the silver Comanche and looking at
  2. It’s in. (That’s what she said) OMGosh this drive shaft has been an ordeal. So happy to finally have it installed. Getting this and the long arm kit installed means the truck can finally move under its own power. The next big thing is removing the wiring harness from the 97 Cherokee I bought back in early July and installing it into Tulsa along with nose fenders hood and doors. The tell of two 87’s👇🏼The silver Comanche is so pure. I believe it has around 50k miles on it. I hope the owner never screws with it. Mine is a rescue. It has no shot at ever being pure. T
  3. Excited to see how that turns out. Had to adjust track bar. Truck was sitting over to passenger side by about 2”. Finally got that sorted today and then tightened the long arm kit down so that’s all buttoned up. Again it is not a long arm kit for average Joes. If you are an average joe with average tools and a driveway, this ain’t your vibe. Wasn’t my vibe either but at least it is in a professional shop with literally almost any tool that exists at my disposal. I just make sure there’s always at least 1 12pak of Michelob Ultra Longnecks in the break room fridge. up next: rear drive sh
  4. Update. Been picking away at the TNT long arm kit since June/July and FINALLY!!!!!!! Holy frick!!! It’s installed. I’ve had a lot of issues with my own company occupying my energy thru all of this so there’s that. Just never seemed to have a block of time to get in and get focused and get into a groove. Had to do a bit of fabrication but it’s on. Had to cut the old short arm mounts out otherwise these long arm won’t clear. I would have gone through about 4 blades and about 5 hrs of cutting with a grinder. My buddy was kind enough to pull out a blow torch and do it in about 20 minutes. Anyway
  5. Can’t wait to see them. Have no welding skills. Wish I did.
  6. Took off the front bumper and just had to get an idea how the JCR front bumper looks😍. Going to have to do some cutting to get it to fit correctly. It’s Stingray and linexed along with the rock sliders fenders and rear bumper. Also just got my Baja Design work light flush mounts for the rear bumper. They fit but they don’t. Gonna have to do a bit of fabbing but I’m sure I would have with Rigids or KC’s too.
  7. Haven’t installed them but they are quality crafted.
  8. Well got these back from paint the other day. Notch Customs fenders JCR front bumper DirtBound sliders Dirtbound rear bumper Mopar StingGray with protective texture. The rest of the rig is getting painted StinGray.
  9. Finally got the TNT long arm kit started....main plate is up.
  10. SiXJaK


    JTMP65P1HT116273 1987 dark blue Pioneer long bed It’s a project ppl. The door info is unreadable. It supposedly has a 96 power train in it along with 96 Cherokee dash seats console. It’s cut up pretty bad thought I’d save it from its abusive environment and make it a nice restomod with aftermarket bumpers and fender flares, long arm kit 35’s and a 6” lift. This is how she sat when I bought her back in Nov 2019 I’ve just been working on her when I can. She doesn’t look much different now. But I have done a lot to her so far.
  11. I feel like I’m watching paint dry but thanks. At least I’m staying interested. I’m going to get the truck running and moving with the 4.0 liter and slow build the 427 and do it right. Found some weld in motor mounts from TRD (no affiliation with Toyota) and yes much beefier springs up front for sure and probably some frame strengtheners from TNT.
  12. Track bar finally arrived so installed that today and started in on tnt long arm kit.
  13. Nice rig. Congratulations on sticking with it.
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