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  1. Not yet. When I get home this next Monday I’m going to begin making some headway. First objective is to get the Rubi sold and then get Tulsa streetable, insured and legal.
  2. Me neither. But there it was just hanging out like some jungle species. I wonder if the owners realize their unicorn?
  3. So I’ve been on the big island for 9 days and yesterday while driving my rental Gladiator I came across what has to be a full on unicorn on the Hawaiian Islands. This one is in the vicinity of the Captain Cook area. I’ll be home on the 20th and that’s when I’ll get serious about getting Tulsa road worthy and selling the Rubicon to fund the build. Just thought it was way cool to find a Comanche in Hawaii.
  4. Mini update: stopped by where Tulsa (truck name) is hanging out and took off the non serious badging that someone had stenciled onto Tulsa. I started her up, she sounds amazing I talked to her and cheered her up. She seemed to appreciate the removal of the stickers. I reassured her that her badging would be correct.
  5. It’s the small things I guess. These came today. Gonna research getting these and the other badging/emblems redipped in black chrome.
  6. Thank you for the words of wisdom. I want to make it road worthy, reliable and the body and badging mostly correct. I want it to be something I use regularly. That means proper HVAC, drives well, kick @$$ stereo with XM and connectivity, and a nice cab. Not going to worry too much about paint and body until I have the interior and all the mechanicals sorted. I did have an 04 RCSB Silverado that had a SC’d LS with a big cam and a built T56 and 4.10 gears that I left totally stock looking. It had 2012 Silverado rims, stock ride height but the long tubes and Corsa sport exhaust took a lot of the sleeper-ability away. It embarrassed a lot of “fast” cars tho. Did win 2 exhibitions of speed stupid prizes tho so it’s probably good that I no longer have it. I’m not sure if I want to swap a newer style Cherokee front end on it yet. Kinda torn.
  7. Update. Ordered a set of used decent shape Comanche nameplates off eBay last night. price? Prolly too much. Oh well. Will be rounding up a set of 4x4’s,Command Trac and 4.0 Litre nameplates as well. The truck is at my friend’s shop to get up and running. This includes measuring out the drive shafts and what length they need to be (Ford 8.8 rearend) and then will send them off to the drive shaft specialists in Springfield to be lengthened and balanced. Hooking up brake lines and bleeding sorting some wiring issues as well as some suspension pieces. Being that Christmas is upon us, I’m going on vacation on the 2nd and i won’t be back until the 20th and I also need to get this Rubi sold (I’m it’s only daddy) never been wrecked, never been beat on, always garaged, nobody is in a big rush to get anything done for a bit.
  8. Wow. Looks like a definite to do list item. Nice work.
  9. SiXJaK

    4x4 emblems-SC

    How do I buy a set?
  10. Made the long drive out to Yukon, OK to fetch the 87 Comanche I purchased Nov. 27, 2019. Am thankful the former owner was kind enough to keep it for me until I could get my act together enough to get there and retrieve it. Thanks to my buddy for letting me use his trailer to get the MJ. Left home (SW MO) at 9:30am and got back at midnight. let the fun begin.
  11. The floor pans have been fixed with new pans properly welded in. wasn’t sure about the JCR rock sliders so thank you for clarifying and pointing me towards Krustyballer and Dirtbound Offroad. Both seem to be viable options. Not a welder (Wish I was) so I won’t be fabricating much on this rig.
  12. I’ve compiled a to do list stemming from what I know about the truck. I’m going to post this in my MJ naïveté because I’m curious as to how much “Reality” will change my list. Comanche to do list: Purchase Comanche ✅ Retrieve Comanche Get driveshafts sorted and connected Sort out suspension Sort vacuum leaks Clean up engine bay Fix wiring for tail lights. Strip interior and install dynamat Clean up and sort interior Reupholster seats and whatever else needs it. Find mirrors or decide if updating front end and replace doors fenders hood front clip with newer style. (I’m torn on this. I used to be so enamored with the newer Cherokee front end update but the original has kind of gained value to me.) Order Notch Customs M-Max fender flares Order JCR front bumper Order JCR rear bumper Order JCR rock sliders Order Winch. ( I have a smittybuilt 12000# with remote and synthetic rope on my JK and man it has been very useful. Have never had one single issue with it.) Order JCR roof rack or light bar clips.(I love having a lot of useful auxiliary lights on my rig. They come in handy so often so need to decide on just how useful an above cab rack would be. I cycle, kayak and paddle board a lot and haul lots of stuff.) Find 18 or 19 Rubicon take off wheels and tires. Buy XM head unit and back up camera speakers amp etc. Buy heated JWSpeaker LED headlights. Buy lights for front and rear bumpers and roof rack, and rock lights. Rigid Industries, KC Baja lighting Decide on paint color.
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