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  1. Got a door on. Just cleaning up the inside so I can dynamat it to ensure it’s quiet-ish.
  2. Thanks but ackshully I’m not done. Just test fitting. Bumpers, rock sliders and fenders only are Linex’d in stingray, rest of the truck will be painted non Linex’d stingray. Will be shaping the fender flares to contour a little better against the body and using a black weather stripping between the two.
  3. Meant to post these earlier. It’s the season to be super busy I guess. Took doors off Comanche as well as donor Cherokee. That Cherokee bites.
  4. Finished passenger side. Finished drilling the main holes into the frame for driver’s side rock slider. Will post pics tomorrow. In the meantime, enjoy this unrelated Christmas Holiday pic I took the other night with my phone.
  5. Wow. Nice build. I too have gone with the Notch fenders. They look so good in person.
  6. SiXJaK

    Bench seat

    I’d pay for shipping. I’ll buy it
  7. I’ve nothing to trade except cash. But I am interested for sure. Do you Venmo?
  8. Took both fenders off today and flattened the pinch seams in the front wheel wells and cut the fender’s wheel openings to make them flush with the fender flares. No pics but my 3 yr old grandson helped me so that was the best.
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