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  1. Test fitting these notch customs flares...the rears are pretty darn involved😒. Also....Got her windows tinted.
  2. Thanks Pete. This process is best served slow and methodical.
  3. The rain and schedule has kinda put a damper on my fender project. As mentioned and shown previously I’ve already mounted these once on the first truck...at least the fronts. Began working on installing them onto the white truck. This time, I am taking my time. The Bushwackers are a much more straightforward install. If you like that look, then I would highly recommend them. Installing he Notch Customs flares is a much more labor intensive option unless fit and finish aren’t your priority. I’m spending a little more time contouring these to the body so the fit is nice and tight. To my eye
  4. Thought I’d update. My good friend is retiring from auto repair business. Doesn’t want to stay abreast of the ever increasing computerization of cars and continue to invest in upgrading the diagnostics required to properly work on cars. So he sold his business. I’m forever grateful that he allowed me to park my MJ at his shop and use any tool that he had to work on it. I can’t express what it meant to at least be able to go THERE and work on my truck during COVID shut downs as well as some personal issues. Kept me going thru some pretty dark times and gave me reason to smile. As a result I’ve
  5. Finished this bumpers provisions a couple weeks ago. Here’s some pics.
  6. Looking to replace my 1990 red interior with gray or black interior. Don’t need a seat as I can reupholster that. Looking for all interior trim pieces. All of my pieces save the A-pillar trim is in excellent shape if someone oddly enough wants to trade.
  7. Lol looking at my before after pics, I’m seeing that I could have done a better job reattaching everything back together. Wtf?😂😂👆🏼
  8. As promised fox shocks pics. Also while doing that job, the air box and coolant reservoir bottle had to be removed discovered that filter really needs to be replaced. So replaced that. Did a little house cleaning in this section of the engine bay. I took before after shots. It’s not much buts it’s honest work.
  9. Transferred over front fox 2.0 and steering dampener. The Comanche rode pretty well in the first place. Steering wasn’t super accurate (35”’s tend to put some wander into the equation). The ride feels more controlled there is more detail in the steering feel and the truck tracks better. I’ll post up pics later.
  10. So on Friday was able to finish installing my Smittybuilt 9500 lb winch and give her new eyes. Haven’t done any adjustments yet. So far however, haven’t had any oncoming traffic flashing me because they think my high beams are on. Overall these 4x4FLSTC LED headlights light up the road well. They’re cheap at 85.00. The high beams are good as well. Do they compare to JW Speaker headlights? No. The warmth and color around the edges on these are very dirty whereas the JW’s are very clean and precise. Wanting to spend money on quality auxiliary lights right now.
  11. Welp got it mounted. Didn’t follow the directions diligently and paid a price (took twice as long) got it wired up but need to find the proper connection to hook up the blue wire that powers the DRL like lite on the winch. It’s hooked to positive battery terminal now so it’s on and stays on with key out of the ignition. Need to find it anyway because of the 4x4FLSTC LED headlights I’ve ordered. Was going to do heated JW’s because I had them on my JK and they are top notch but I’m not too high on paying 7 bills for headlights atm. I’d like to put some money into Baja Design auxiliary lighting i
  12. What a nice truck. That thing looks so clean.
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