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    JTMP65P1HT116273 1987 dark blue Pioneer long bed It’s a project ppl. The door info is unreadable. It supposedly has a 96 power train in it along with 96 Cherokee dash seats console. It’s cut up pretty bad thought I’d save it from its abusive environment and make it a nice restomod with aftermarket bumpers and fender flares, long arm kit 35’s and a 6” lift. This is how she sat when I bought her back in Nov 2019 I’ve just been working on her when I can. She doesn’t look much different now. But I have done a lot to her so far.
  2. I feel like I’m watching paint dry but thanks. At least I’m staying interested. I’m going to get the truck running and moving with the 4.0 liter and slow build the 427 and do it right. Found some weld in motor mounts from TRD (no affiliation with Toyota) and yes much beefier springs up front for sure and probably some frame strengtheners from TNT.
  3. Track bar finally arrived so installed that today and started in on tnt long arm kit.
  4. Nice rig. Congratulations on sticking with it.
  5. Frame rails are 25” wide and according to Hal that’s wide enough. 427 has 15k miles on it and is 500.00. RV cam, ignition and intake manifold supposedly wake these truck motors right up. Or just keep 4.0 and terry to marry 87 truck to 96 motor. Either way I have to start over with wiring. started frame clean up yesterday
  6. Wow! Exceptional work, sir.
  7. http://67-72chevytrucks.com/vboard/showthread.php?t=329299 I’ve heard this too but I’m not sure those claims are valid or relevant to this application. I also talked to an old guy (older than me he started fabricating and building in 1965 -the year I was born) at Summit Racing (Hal) earlier today for a good while about Chevy big blocks regarding motor mounts. He was very helpful. He’s built several 427’s, a 427 truck motor and a decent amount of 454’s. He said the low rev low power rap on the truck motor is “hogwash” and that his made over 570 on pump gas. I don’t need or want 570 but 400-450 would be fine with me. I’m not sure the Comanche chassis can handle that. He’s been working from home because of COVID but told me to call back and he’d get a catalogue from his office of an oddball company that specializes in marrying Chevy big blocks with various Jeeps. Anyway I’ll do some more research before I pull the trigger and go this route. Ultimately are the frame rails wide enough! Will be measuring tomorrow to see if it’s wide enough.
  8. Got the inside of the rear bumper properly coated. The inside of the front is next. Toying with dropping in a 427 big block. It’s a 69 truck motor with 15k miles on it. My friend who owns the shop my MJ’s been living in for 6 mos now also has a tow business and a scrap yard with some things “laying around”. Like this old fire truck with the 427 Chevy big block truck motor Sitting in it as well as a 400 tranny and transfer case. So.....if my Comanche was more pure when I got it, then I’d say no. But it’s an 87 with a 96 motor along with a mediocre attempt at a 96 interior, massively cut out fenders that all are useless for anything other than swamp buggy duty. I guess go big or go home. That is the question I’m grappling with.
  9. Finally! Geez Louise this bumper took forever. Still waiting on long arm kit and and rock sliders.
  10. Back at it today. Pulled the bed off today to begin mild frame clean up and just make it look better. Lots of red dirt under there. Owner before me was trying to make this rig into a hard core trail rig. He installed an oversized gas tank. Good grief! The tank unfortunately is trying to occupy the same real estate at the rear left shock absorber. Poorly thought out mod. I knew I was getting a project and a project I clearly have. I feel I am truly doing the Lord’s work here, Jeep Fam rehabbing this poor truck and saving it from the miserable existence of being cut up and bastardized hack mods.
  11. Installed steering dampening shock. Not too difficult. Fit pretty well. Also removed non functioning track bar. Waiting for the new one to arrive.
  12. Sweet bumper. I bought one too. Waiting for the dirt bound rock sliders and JCR front winch bumper to overcome the COVID-19 and get here as well to get them powder coated. Maybe I should have just done what you did. Nice start to your rig.
  13. Well when it’s really dark outside, lots of lights come in handy. I had plenty on my Rubicon. Made wheelin at night a lot more enjoyable.
  14. Notch Customs M-MAX fenders. Packaged and shipped well.
  15. Good question. Thanks for resurrecting the thread. I would have never known this thing ever existed.
  16. Tightened front shocks and test fit rear bumper (enough) and sent it in for powder coat..learned a few things about powder coat. Learned that what I wanted to do is going to cost more than double and add at least 8 weeks lead time so just going to do black textured.
  17. Went ahead and mostly installed the front Fox shocks. Need to get the hardware to bolt in the bow ties down below. Test fit the rear bumper tomorrow. baby steps
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