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  1. I would like to see pics as well, thanks.
  2. Thanks, I will update some wiring progress pics this weekend when I finish up the chassis side. Anyone have any any suggestions on 3-4” leaf springs for the rear? I was looking at Rusty’s for the cost, but would be willing to do a bastard pack of some sort.
  3. I am currently 3000 miles away from it until the beginning of Feb. If you can wait until I get back, I can get you a price with shipping.
  4. This is the only side pic I have the front 60 getting stuffed under the front end. Since that picture, the control arms and wheels/tires are bolted up. I am running 3” OME coils up front and still trying to decide on what 3-4” lift rear springs to run.
  5. Not much to report since I am 3,000 miles away in sunny San Diego for the month of January. I did bring the 5.0 wiring harness out with me to plug away at it when I have time. I hate wiring, but this is forcing me into learning a little about it. I am following some awesome videos on chopping the harness that make it very easy, so we will see how it turns out. Starting with the body side of the harness (the engine harness is in the box)...
  6. $50 for the dana 30 if you grab it by Sunday afternoon. It will include the stock control arms and a nice set of weather cracked tires.
  7. I got the control arm mounts on the axle tacked I place today. It is back on the ground on all fours again. Next up will be to work on the motor and tranny mounts. I will grab a picture in the morning, but it is going to be tight down there, although, I did notice I have the motor sitting about 4” lower than where it will probably end up.
  8. I rolled the 60 under the front to start lining it up for the control arm mounts. It pretty much took up all of the space and will make mounting the motor, exhaust, and anything else under there a challenge.
  9. Yeah, we bought this house about 2.5 years and unfortunately every time I “buckle” down and get serious about organizing it, I end up tearing into a project. I have done a frame swap on my wife’s ‘98 TJ, and torn down 3 XJs, and now started into the MJ. After this project, I am planning on spending the summer setting it up the garage the way I should have done it originally. I am planning on an LS swap into my ‘04 Unlimited next winter. From left to right, the wife’s 98 TJ, my 88 MJ, and my 04 TJU.
  10. Got a little done today on the truck. Got the front end out, and most importantly, got some cleaning/reorganization done in the garage.
  11. I have a 4”x4” block of wood between the spring plate and bump stop to give me the 3-4” of lift I am after, while keeping it SUA. I think that height is about perfect. I am thinking about adding TJ flares to give the tires some room to move around.
  12. I will grab some more pictures of it tomorrow, but this is how it sits right now. I am pulling the front axle out and suspension tomorrow to make room for the 60, and then will start working on positioning the motor and fabbing the mounts up.
  13. i got the 60 bolted under the rear and need to open the ID of my H2 rims up a little bit so they will fit over the hubs. Once I get that done tomorrow, I will grab some pictures. With a full width 60 in the rear, about 66” WMS, it looks like the outside of the tires will be around an inch or two of stock width. I need to see how the front 60 looks for width before I decide to change my wheels for something with less backspacing.
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