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    1997 XJ Cherokee & 1987 MJ Comanche
  1. Missed your message. I'm in when a set is available.
  2. UWS makes a nice box. I think the guy I got it by had it in a Toyota, Tacoma maybe.
  3. Hello, What brand is it. I'm on my third BWD. John
  4. Hello, Looking for a good set of leaf spring shackles. John
  5. PlaneMech

    Tail Gate

    Hi, Looking for a good tail gate. John
  6. Ordered Bumpers. Sure interested in rock sliders for the short bed, but Texas is a long drive from Michigan. Someone help us out.
  7. PlaneMech

    28mm sway bar

    Look for a sway bar off of a V8 ZJ. Last 28mm I got was off of a XJ Country model.
  8. Sent you an E-mail. John
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