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  1. i have pulled the fuses and they looked fine. No black color. i even cleaned the pins of the fuses to just be sure.
  2. i got my 87 MJ from my mother. i noticed the clutch master cylinder had been replaced. the dash lights and the fan motor do not work. i am thinking that at one time the clutch master cylinder may have leaked onto the inside and caused an issue with the fuse box. Does anyone have any advice for me to tell if this may be the problem. The tail lights work and i checked all of the fuses and they are not blown. Thanks for any help.
  3. I forgot to add a 3 inch Rancho Lift 31 x 10.50 tires Kenwood cassette player
  4. 1987 Jeep Comanche Sport Truck 4.0 4WD 5Sp floor shift Short Bed Red exterior Black interior Bench seat Smittybilt Roll bar front and rear bumpers and Nerf bars Bought new by my Late Step father My mom kept it and drove it for about ten years putting only about 6000 miles on it in that amount of time. She always kept it properly maintained, except for two accidents.Front end damage where the bumper bolts to the frame, and front right fender and door replaced from side impact. The only evidence of this is primer fender and door passenger side. It has always been a California vehicle. When she saw the Rubicon I bought my wife, she wanted one, but it had to be a manual trans. She found a Wrangler in April and gave me the MJ. I drive it daily to work from Wildomar where I live, to Moreno Valley where I work. We go up to Big Bear about once a month where we go wheeling up in Holcomb Valley. I really need to put an AC unit in it. It gets hot here in the summer. This MJ meets every need I have in a vehicle, except keep me cool in the summer. Located in Southwest Riverside County, California
  5. I am in Wildomar. Right off the 15 north of Temecula.
  6. Lately I have been cleaning plastic with a Simple Green and water using a soft toothbrush. Then Appling a Meguiar's product that cleans and has uv protectant for plastic. I used to use armor all on everything until I started seeing cracking on my tires. After doing some reading the so called experts discouraged the use on tires for this reason. Good luck cleaning makes a world of a difference. It is somewhat inexpensive just elbow grease and time.
  7. Came up to Big Bear for a few days. Celebrating my birthday, my 27th Aniversary, an my wife's birthday. Brought the Rubicon and the Suburban but left the MJ at home. We always do some wheeling up in Holcomb Valley. Nice trails up there
  8. Primarily Freeway driving. I try to get it into 5th gear and leave it there, but I live in Southern California. I got the MJ from my mom. She tracked her mileage and did not get those numbers, but she never took it on the freeway, and only drove about 6000 miles in 10 years.
  9. No I have not. I did not even think about that. Then the mileage I am so happy about might not be so good.
  10. My daughter set me up with an app on my phone www.mileagekeeperr.com i input all fueling data. Only thing better would be to track tune-ups as well.
  11. I am very surprised to be averaging 19.0 MPG from my 1987 MJ since i got it in April. With a 3 inch lift, 31 inch tires and a 4.0 5 speed with 4WD I was not expecting this. What kind of mileage is everyone else getting from their MJ's? I am curious, because i had a 4.0 in my 5 speed TJ and it only got about 15 MPG with 31" tires and no lift. My Suburban is another story. 10 MPG empty or towing, running the air or not. good thing it has a 42 gal fuel tank.
  12. I am new this this forum, this is my first post. My mom gave me her 1987 MJ back in April. it is my 4th jeep i have owned, and the 2nd jeep I presently own. Yesterday I did the bonehead move. My brake lights were not working in the MJ. I moved my Rubicon out of the driveway across the street to bring my MJ up by the garage to check it out. In about 15 min I found the problem and had it fixed. It was a bad connection in a splice on the switch by the brake pedal. I properly corrected the splice and had brake lights. I wanted to take it for a test drive and put my German Shepard into the bed to go for a drive. As i backed out of my driveway i was looking at my dog in the rear view mirror instead of where i was backing up, and i backed into the Rubicon. luckily and not so lucky i happened to break the front side marker light on the Rubicon, but i also broke the right side brake lens on the MJ. only after joining this forum have i realized how expensive they are to replace. All I can say is it is nobodies fault but my own. Bonehead now has my picture next to it in the dictionary.
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