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  1. @Pete M The 1st thing I ordered was a upgrade headlight harness from K suspension works great.
  2. Thanks everyone, @Jesse J @Aussiemj I did notice that my back passenger tail light didn't have a ground/ earth/ chingadera on it but the back driver side did. They should all have one for there respective cluster or does the whole back end share one common ground? oh, took the truck out today and my parking lights fuse shorted, if that gives someone some more let me know. @MiNi Beastill be checking on the combination switch if its not the chingadera .
  3. 1989 Comanche 4.0 2WD Hazard turn on when left or right turn signals are used, started a few days ago when I swap over to LED bulbs. Changed back to new factory bulbs and changed out the flashers and still having the same problem should note that when I press on the brake the dash turns on, in fact everything except the headlamps turn on when the brakes are pressed. Help!
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