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  1. Probably won't be rausch ready but count me in for All Breeds!
  2. Thanks everyone. The 21 slot grille is safe and sound on my bedroom wall :yes: I actually just made a build thread if you all wanna check it out here's the link: http://comancheclub.com/topic/45988-a-16-year-olds-dream-truck/ Thanks to all who followed this thread long enough to see what happened haha And yes Comangi we will, I'd like to meet some fellow Comanche owners!
  3. ALRIGHT NEVERMIND JUST FIGURED IT OUT I SUPPOSE :rotf: :banana: Here's the first pic I took of my jeep the day I got it! Alright since I just figured that out I suppose it's time I go make a build thread :doh: :yes: Thanks for following and sorry about that haha -Cory
  4. alright everyone I've tried time and time again to get pictures on here but it's really not working!! I copied the direct link from photobucket to the image box and it shows up in the text box but a red message pops up saying "
  5. I get paid next wednesday. If you still have it then I will take it off your hands -Cory
  6. Looking for a rear reciever hitch for underneith my factory rear bumper. Seen it on the forums somewhere, can't find them online anywhere and I like the factory look. Located near Baltimore Willing to pay the right price If close, I can pick it up, but kind of expecting it to have to be shipped. Will pay shipping. Thanks
  7. I can't figure out how to post pictures using my iPad other than photobucket... So hang in there everyone and i'll post a link and upload the photos to my photobucket. Thanks, Cory
  8. Alright well its almost 1 am and I just got off work a couple hours ago but I couldn't help myself to wait to post this.. It was meant to be after all. Yesterday I was on craigslist and happened to find THIS EXACT comanche! Turns out the previous owner gave it to his uncle out from under me in exchange for some work. His uncle didn't need it because he has a nice dodge 2500 yadda yadda. Anyways I found the jeep 3 hours after it was posted on craigslist and jumped on it. Woke up today and drove 105 miles to go get it. It was spectacular. We drove it home, it was doing 80 on the highway with no problems at all! Made it the whole trip without any issues at all. I'm going to start a build thread soon once I really get the hang of this but for now I will get to building and breaking my new 89 comanche! Thanks for everyone who followed and once I get it started I'll post the new thread on this one. Cory
  9. Going today to check out a comanche 4x2 with a chevrolet 350 small block... :)
  10. I know I'll wind up with a comanche eventually, just gotta be patient. I found a red chief for sale in virginia in decent shape.
  11. Harford county about 45 mintues away from baltimore.. Is it a short bed, 4.0, 4x4?
  12. BTW that built 89 belongs to PACIFIER. I followed that build and the result was perfection. Pretty sad hes selling it but if I had 7500 bucks I'd own that thing in a heart beat.
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