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  1. https://louisville.craigslist.org/cto/6104749692.html
  2. Mine bolts on. I had it off the other day but was not successful in getting the caliper off of it. I've found new ones at a local jy and will pick them up tomorrow. Hopefully I can knock this project out next weekend so that I can get back to focusing on improvements. Thanks for the input guys.
  3. Thanks Keyav8r, I applied plenty of PB yesterday so it can soak in for when I get around to doing this. onlyinajeep726, By mounts I mean the metal bracket that bolts to the knuckle with two bolts. It's the piece that wraps around the rotor so the pads have a place to sit. Here is what I'm talking about, but I'd rather not pay this much for them. Welding a nut on there is a great idea, I wish I had a welder.
  4. I've got a little problem. The allen heads for the slider pins are stripped out on both sides of my MJ. I've tried everything I can think of to get them out. The hoses, calipers and pads are all in need of replacement. I've spent all day doing everything in my power to get this thing apart. I'm now thinking the best solution is to just replace the mounts as well. Does anyone have a trick for getting this thing apart or happen to have some mounts laying around?
  5. That's what I needed FrankTheDog. I'm going to have to find some of the skinny ones. What did the Dana 44 come in? I've been tossing around an upgrade but I don't know what kind of donor I should be looking for.
  6. Is there an easy way to find out the size of shoes in your rear drums without yanking the wheel? I'm going to be installing new e-brake cables and am thinking I should be prepared to go ahead and do the shoes while I'm in there... but of course there's more than one size listed. Any thoughts? I'd prefer not to have to pull it apart more than once. Thanks
  7. Mine was in the same condition as Rockfrog's. It was still rolling with the original 1989 radiator...or what was left of it. I did the conversion in about 4 hours last Saturday with new radiator, overflow bottle, thermostat, rad hoses and heater hoses. I deleted the heater valve. Using all Autozone parts, the total was right at $250, so it's not a super expensive or time consuming project.
  8. I bridged the switch connection and the fan came on. I've already picked up a new switch. Thanks for the input.
  9. My MJ has the wiper arms with a pin at the end. One of them is worn or bent and will not properly hold the wiper blade (it comes loose and sits at an odd angle). I know that newer XJs have the arms with the U bend at the end like most newer cars. My question is, are the splines the same across all of the years? Can I just grab some newer ones either at the jy or online then plug & play?
  10. Thanks for the link dainternetguy. And thanks for the info Geonovast, I'll keep that in mind for the future. Now, is a solenoid from the jy good enough or should I get a brand new one?
  11. I'll have to add it to my JY list. Where does the other end of the vacuum line go?
  12. Yeah that's the part I've seen elsewhere. So, do I need to replace it or just keep on going along without it?
  13. Between the relay and whatever the white block is there is something missing. I've seen in on other people's MJs & XJs and I know it has a vacuum connection. Anyone want to fill me in on what it's called and what it does? The truck runs fine without it but if it could run better...
  14. Will do. Working tomorrow so it may be a couple of days before I can check. Thanks
  15. Thanks for the link. I did the conversion today, pics available if you want to see them. Found that the original radiator was still in there after 25 years. But I also found out that the electric fan isn't kicking on. It runs when the AC is switched on so I know the fan motor is good. What do you all think, relay or switch replacement in order?
  16. Onlyinajeep can you fill me in a little on your vacuum setup in your pic? I've been wrestling with vacuum leaks since i bought this thing. Where did you get that canister?
  17. This is a project I'm planning to do this summer. What parts are you using to convert it to an open system?
  18. If it were me, I'd replace the bearings instead of replacing them. They're cheap and the same amount of labor. Unless, of course, you have already done that recently. To me it's just like replacing the clutch anytime you have the tranny out.
  19. Thanks. I'm probably going to get the kit from Kelleyswip Cruiser can you give me more info on the reasons for doing #23? Seems easy enough but what problem does it solve/prevent?
  20. http://comancheclub.com/topic/36382-cruisers-renix-tips/ Check #22 and see if that helps.
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