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Bench seat will not move?

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There are two latch mechanisms, one on each pedestal. The one for the passenger side has no handle/lever -- it's connected to the driver's side by a wire. If (when?) the wire breaks, you can't move the seat because the right side won't release.

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It gonna take you & grandma, one of yuh on each side, to check out the seat release mechanisms to see if their working properly before you try moving anyrhing. When you move that lever on the drivers side its suppose to pull the wire going over to the pass side & release both locks simutaneously. If the wires missing, or stretched, then you gonna have to show gtrandma how to put some vise grips on the release latch & yank it into the open position & hold it while you put a 2X4 between the back of the door jam & back of the seat & pry it forward. You might have to do both sides that way a little at a time until the seat moves forward far enuf to come off the rails & can be lifted out. Then flip the seat upside down & lube the heck out of everything that moves. I'd put a new wire on also if the old one is all rusty. Slop a lil grease in the rails on the seat base also before you put it back in. Then you gotta jump in straddle the hump, no I,m not talking about granma here, hold the release lever open and slam the seat back & forth til it feels loose as a goose, or to your liking.

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