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88 mj won't start

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been a member for along time and enjoy it very much. The little mj is a sickness! & i got 3 !!!! anyhow this 88, aw4 has one hell of a time starting, if I prime it she fires up. fuel presure gage reads 39-40 psi, it is like the injectors are not openning. used injector cleaner, same thing. but when she get's going it runs like a raped ape, any info????????

thanks rick

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By priming do you mean turning the key to the on position, waiting a few seconds and then starting the motor?

Is this a 4.0?


I do this every time I start my truck.


Does it eventually turn over or is it not starting?

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It turns over just fine. It is a 4.0, put a fuel presure gage on the fuel rail turn the key presure comes up to 40psi, what the manual says it should be. After trying to start it, & then when I pull a plug it is dry. By primming, I put alittle gas down the intake, & she fires right up????????????

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