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Are the exhausts different between 4x2 and 4x4 4.0's?

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Hello all,


My mechanic is in the midst of a 4x2 to 4x4 conversion for me. He's saying the exhaust on my 1988 4.0 4x2 will need to be modified so the front prop shaft will clear the exhaust. He's saying it's the down pipe that is between the manifold and cat. Should I modify the one I have, or should I just get a new one from a 4x4? If so, what part am I looking for? Thanks.



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No problems with converting my 88 4.0 to 4wd. Until I crushed the exhaust on a log. And then crushed the new exhaust in the mud (used that stupid flexy pipe). Now I'm back to stock exhaust again. So far so good. :roll:

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Thought they where the same..... Maybe yours is bent?


One thing I will ad is many aftermarket exhausts have a two piece header pipe and this cuts down the room available at a critical area for room. Right at the front yoke. Believe it or not, a small lift 2-3" can actually make that worse not better. I had that issue with the last XJ I lifted. I was able to loosen everything, tweak it out of the way. Hold and re-tighten.


Good luck,


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