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Bed anchors

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Someone here used the roof rack sliders from an XJ in their bed.


I used Uni-strut.





Usually I just use the holes in the Uni-strut as anchor points for tie-down straps, but I can also buy the accessories that go to the uni-strut such as the pipe brackets holding my CO2 tank and fire extinguisher in place.

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here's what I made sitting outside while the truck gets painted. I've since added loops in the rear corners and in the floor of the bed in the rear corners for my rear ladder rack/kayak rack to slide into.

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great idea Pete jamminz.gif


X2222. Unistrut is great stuff. Back in the day we used it to built cable ladders, equipment frames, platforms, etc. in communication facilities in high earthquake areas. It comes in a variety of sizes and materials, even stainless and fiberglass now. And with all the accessories available, like spring nuts, tie rings, corner brackets, etc. you can do anything with it. Never occured to me to use it in the truck bed. But I will now. :cheers:

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