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Cowl Drain Location?

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Does anyone know where the cowl drain is located for the XJ/MJ? The leak into the driver's side footwell of my '88 MJ seems to be getting worse. My brother mentioned that when he worked at BMW the cowl could overflow into the passenger compartment if the drain got clogged. It's worth a look -- if I can find the drain. I had the cowl cover off a couple of times and I don't see anything that looks like a drain. Has anyone who disassembles these vehicles seen where the drain is located?

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It drains on both ends. Each side has a gap that allows water to drain into the fender.


Drivers side



Passenger side



The pinch seam maybe leaking. You would have to pull out the wiper motor to get at it. A good amount of silicone should take car of it.


Pinch seam




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Also, don't under estimate the power of water to sneak past the rear hood gasket and trickle down through the firewall holes. Man that one was a bugger to figure out. I sprinkled baby powder around to track it.

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