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Problem with cold idle

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Since I'm new to Renix, I have a quick question for you experts on them. My 88 has a very poor idle on startup when cold, to the point where it will cut off if you don't give it some gas while it's cold. After it runs for a few minutes and starts to warm up, it idles great. I'm assuming it's a coolant sensor or something similar, but I figured I'd ask in case I'm missing something on it. Thanks for your help.

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The Renix system doesn't use sensors during initial warm-up. It's called "open loop mode" because the sensors are "out of the loop." It runs on a pre-set air/fuel map in the ECU until the engine temp sensor (the one low on the block, not the one on the back of the cylinder head) reaches the lower limit of the normal operating range, then it switches to "closed loop mode." On cold mornings, for me the switch occurs just about two miles down the road, on a level stretch where I'm at mostly neutral thottle, and there is a distinct sort of stutter-burp when it switches over.


If yours doesn't idle cold, clean the idle air controller on the throttle body.

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