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Fast Idle/ Transmission Problems

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I recently purchased a 1989 5-speed Comanche. There are two things that concern me. The neutral idle speed stays around 1500 rpms. Is this normal or does something need to be adjusted.


Secondly, once in a while after I have applied the break when the comanche is in 3rd gear I can shift out of 3rd but not into any other gear. But if I turn the car off and back on everything works fine. (This has only happened when I was coming to a stop at a light) Am I going to need a new transmission?

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Auto or manual trans??


"1989 5 speed Comanche"

:oops: oops...I missed that because i am at work and sneaking on here a bit so I read over it too fast ;)


Being a manual...I would most likely suspect the clutch slave cylinder or possibly the master.

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Most weekends are OK with me, but I do work this Saturday. I am free on Sunday as far as I know. I will be away the weekend of May 16, 17 & 18 at Jeep Beach in Daytona...other than that...let me know.


If it is a clutch slave cylinder, you are on borrowed time though as they will not last long when the issues start so be careful.

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