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Project Cherry Bomb

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Today I Bought my first Comanche for $500.00 >.<



Sanded down some rust and applied primer




Uhh Is this a 8.25 or 35???




I got a free Diamond Plate Box :)




Came with a Free Lightbar too jamminz.gif




Uhh FUGLY Interior





~ My Plans ~


Dark Blue Or Cherry Red Exterior (duplicolor)


3" lift


30" or 235 Tires...


Redo Interior


Greande T-Case Shifter. jamminz.gif [/b]

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Bummer :oops:


I hate going to school Grr or else i would of had all day tomorrow to tinker with the damned thing..


Installed A K&N Filter It seems to run A little better after i did that...


Haha I Love 4.0L Power and its 4x4 Not


The engine. frame are are all sound


It just needs body work and mew shocks...

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I like 30's :P also has any one else painted with duplicolor paint how many quarts will i need how does it turn out


31" tires can fit without a lift. I have run 33x10.50" without a lift with proper fender work...


I started with 30" tires, sold them and bought 33x10.50's but the wife didn't like them because it was he daily driver and they rubbed hard on the control arms... So I bought some 31's for her, spaced her steering stops. Since I still had the 33" tires I bought another Jeep for me to put the tires on. I bought some 15x"7" black rims with 4" of backspacing to eliminate the rubbing the 33" tires had.

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Uhh its going to be cherry red and have a cherry bomb decal some were on it...


Progress I had no head liner just the cardboard POS So i bought som polyester fabric at Walmart And hi tacked It on i also put XJ Visors in and re did them with polyester fabric...


painted part of the dash black I'm leaving one part blue Just cause I'm Odd jamminz.gif


picture's will come tomorrow

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Updates. Hurray. Paints Done :D


This weekend!

Custom Metallic Green





Just Today!


With Black Undercoating and gloss Trim.


Yes i see the dent when i put in the regulator I will push the dent out...







New Light bar.




Bought a Cb at a yard sale with a 5 foot whip for 5 bucks.




Redid the upholstery With walmart Polyester black. Now got to install the bucket seats..




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Thanks. Damned paint My friend gave it to me and i know he spent like 200 Bucks for the gallon :cry: But all thats really left is to run the wire for my whip Get 235s And then Redo the door skins :) and get it officially maine inspected.

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Wow that looks great! I really like the polyester Wal Mart head liner. Definitely an inexpensive way to go and it should hold up quite nicely.



Just a suggestion. You may want to paint the handle to the tail gate black? It might look a little more matchy matchy with the black on the bottom side. You may like it better green. Just throwing out an idea.

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So My friend that painted my truck had a set of Hood Scoops sitting around, so i asked him how much he wanted for them and he said Nothing... so I took them home last night sanded then painted them with rustoleum Semi Gloss , 6 Coats. Then today I Put them on after helping him put in his "new" garden. Lets put it this way I'm pretty stoked and they make my truck look about 100% diffrent








don't Mind the Finger Prints Uhhh i just put them on when it Rained...




Supporting The Club jamminz.gif




Inside looking out ( Dads Truck Blue Chevy )






Support Again :D jamminz.gif

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