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Low Idle/ Stalling issue???

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Lately within the past 2 weeks ive been having an issue with stalling out at low idle dowhill decents, and occasionaly while under braking and just sitting still idling.......it seems to have a lower idle and I'm thinking is possibly a dying fuel pump problem (working on getting another) but are there any other likely causes that i could check for?


Truck is an 88 4.0 Auto

Throttle Body is clean

TPS is fairly new (Replaced last summer)

Fuel Sending unit has the popular connection leak and truck has had 1/8-3/4 tank in it since conditions started



Thanks for any help, I'm gonna be replacing the Pump/Sending unit as soon as i get ahold of 1 but still would like to check any other culprits 8)

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A faulty EGR can also cause stalling and idle problems. I had a similar problem that two repair shops could not fix. They kept telling me it a vacuum problem (partially correct). A friend that is a service manager for a large Honda car dealership listened to my description of the symptoms and correctly diagnosed it as an EGR problem. I plugged the vacuum line to the EGR from the EGR valve and it cured the stalling and idle problems. I never bothered to replace it because I was planning my stroker and switched to a '93 head and intake which does not have an EGR.

No stalling problems with the stroker :D

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