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Upside down pictures

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27 minutes ago, ChainsawCHARL1E said:

Why does this site post my pictures upside down? :(




It depends on how it’s saved. If your on a PC, edit it, rotate it, save it and then repost the pic. 

Same if you’re on mobile as well. It’s not the site it’s how the file was coded. 

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yup, as I understand it, there's nothing we can do on our end. :(  but I'm more than happy to fix them for you as needed. :L:  

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The question comes up semi often, seems to only affect iPhone users. Something about the way the iOS camera app encodes the orientation on landscape photos. This isn’t the only place I’ve encountered oddly upside down pictures that my phone doesn’t think are upside down, and I haven’t figured out if it makes a difference whether I take a landscape photo with my phone rotated left or right. All I know is it seems like it’s 50/50 whether a photo does it or not, and if I upload a bunch of landscape photos, roughly half of them end up upside down.

When it does happen usually I just pull up the photo in question on my phone or computer, whatever I’m trying to upload from, hit “edit”, rotate it 90° four times so it goes in a full circle, save it, and reupload the photo and it’s magically fixed.

In previous editors it’s recognized that four 90° rotations doesn’t change the photo at all and pretends I haven’t done anything to it, so in that case I have to do it in two steps, rotate partway, save and close and reopen, rotate the rest of the way and save again. Then reupload.

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