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Alternative mounting of front splash guards

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I never liked how the front splash guards attach to the MJ/XJ so I made a pair of brackets that will locate them behind the fender flares similar to the MJ rear set up. I made both from a single piece of 6”x18” 16g steel sheet (stainless would be nice) easily found at Home Depot, cut in half lengthwise. Thicker stock may be better but I have sliders and the splash guards touch them so there's no chance of the brackets bending. The left and right are mirror images and use the same template, the difference is the direction of the bends. I used a jig saw with a carbide blade to cut everything and a flap disc to smooth things out, then sanded any sharp edges.







The brackets mount using the fender rear most attachment Torx bolt by inserting the bracket between the pinch seam and U-nut, a single hole drilled in the frame and screw secures the other end. The brackets have a slotted hole so they can be adjusted fore/aft as necessary.





The splash guards then need trimming to fit the profile of the body and drilling for the brackets. I used MJ rears as templates to get the same radius for the outward section. A jig saw with a carbide blade made really nice cuts that were then kissed with a torch to finish them. For those of you squeamish at the thought of NOS AMC splash guards being butchered please look away.



Here is the installed finished product. I opted for the splash guard in front of the bracket but behind “should” work.







Bracket diagram (pdf attached)




Disclaimer: Your measurements may vary; I suggest making a cardboard template to fine tune your fitment.


If anyone uses this for commercial purposes, I ask you make a donation to ComancheClub.

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I always thought about getting to this long ago, but never got there. Congrats Mike. This set up using the rear flap on the front just looks right. The factory front flap was just terribly thought through in appearance. Nice work, as it should be.

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