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mismatched BA10/5 trans cases?

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I bought a 'rebuilt' BA10 from deadjeepparts in RI for my '88 Pioneer 4.0. The existing shifter measures 3 3/4" from the top of the shifter ball that locates in the shift tower to the tip.

The intermediate trans case with the cast-in shift tower has a shift tower ledge to flange measurement of .975" versus the 1.585" of the original BA10.

Essentially this approximate 5/8" difference means the shift lever doesn't extend far enough down to move the reverse shift rail.

I'm guessing that the deadjeepparts rebuilder mixed a Wrangler or other shift tower case with Cherokee/Comanche parts.

An bayer offering a Comanche BA10 shift assembly kindly measured his for me - also 3 3/4" dimension, so pretty sure that is the Cherokee/Comanche version.

Anyone know what longer shift lever could be used?



GL in Vermont




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Back in the day,
my dad put a YJ BA transmission into his XJ.
All the BA shifters are 2-piece,
 so you'd have to use a YJ lower shifter handle with the YJ shifter housing.

If you put the XJ's (short) top shifter handle on a YJ's lower shifter handle you get nice high effort, short throw shifter.

 Eventually he wanted an even shorter top handle, for more effort and used the top half of a YJ transfer case shifter handle (even shorter than an XJ top handle) with the bottom half of the YJ BA shifter for a super short, stiff thow shifter.

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Thanks - this leads me to revisit, revise, my original supposition that the intermediate "shift tower" BA case was specifically for an XJ or YJ or MJ.

It seems surprising that there isn't a code on the right-side metal tag identifying which shift tower is being used, maybe which final case used re: transfer case orientation.

Or is there?  Should we be creating a table, if not?

At the moment, I'm awaiting an ostensible YJ shifter from FN Jeep in Colorado (i gave up waiting for deadjeepparts to come through), which as a 2 7/8" dimension from the base of the shifter ball to the tip.

The existing shifter measures 2 1/4", and an eBayer offering a MJ shifter sent a dimension similar to my original, albeit we were measuring from the top of the ball.

We'll see how this deeper operating distance shifter  from FN Jeep works, and report back.

So it is currently looking like different shift tower cases/heights were more a random thing, not necessarily based on the Jeep application . . . thoughts?

Here's a "curious minds want to know question": if the BA10 is a Peugeot 505 transmission, and the 505s had a column shift (in my memory), what the heck kind of shift case did they use? :>)


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