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8.25 rear axle swap

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Hello, so I’m looking for some guidance on a 8.25 swap. I’ve searched about every keyword on this Forum and can’t find anything in detail.


what are the measurements on where my spring perches and shock mounts need to be? Or what’s the best method to find these measurements, I want to make sure I’m doing it right the first time. TIA

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1 hour ago, Kennyfishes said:

42inch, Center of one spring perch to the center of the other?

How far from the plate should they be on each side?

You’ll need to find the centerline of your axle and measure 21” away on each side. That mark will be the center of your spring perches. Keep in mind also that now is when you will set your pinion angle. If you’re using a standard or original style driveshaft, the pinion will need to be about 1-2* up from parallel to the ground. Here is a handy diagram:



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