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Sound system suggestions

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Hey guys, my Comanche just got done in the shop for a road inspection, but I got a problem.

my sound system is MIA, radio and half the speakers were missing when I bought the truck. I got about 1 1/2 weeks of driving it around town before I take a 20 hour road trip in it, and I “NEED” a sound system

I was trying to figure out what speakers I want to put in, but don’t know much about sound systems.

I’ll be lining the inside of the cab with killmat or other sound deadening mat in the future. I was thinking of putting a 12” or 2x 10” subs behind the bench seat but you guys are the experts on these trucks so I’m trying to find suggestions on how to set it up.

all suggestions and warnings are appreciated


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I have this head unit in mine:




You'd need to wire it to fit to the MJ harness. I've used it with the stock speakers and I don't think it sounds half bad so I'd think it'll sound much better with an aftermarket system. Couldn't tell you what aftermarket speakers to go with though.

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it's a tiny cab.  a single 8" will provide all you need. :L:  get a bluetooth radio (don't fall for the ones that lack an internal amp unless you're planning on an external amp), spend 40-50 bucks or so on some 5.25s for the doors, and add an 8" woofer and you'll be good to go. :jammin:  I do like the under-seat woofer boxes.  they come pre-amped so you just need signal and power/ground.  ph, and you don't need to cover every inch with mat.  a few pieces on the roof, back wall, and doors will do the bulk of the work since it dampens the vibrations of the largest expanses of echo-y metal.


don't eat up your storage space with a big woofer box.  it's a tiny cab.



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My door panels were already blemished where a PO used drywall screws to mount 5.5" speakers so I expanded the holes a tad and went with Sony XS-R1646 6.5" 4 way speakers. Found rear speaker mounts and am putting Sony XS-R4646 4"x6" 4 way speakers in the back with bass blockers at 300Hz for cleanliness/ distortion blocking. Completing the trifecta with a Sony DSXA415BT ("Digital Media Audio Receiver with Bluetooth & Satellite Radio"). I wanted decent sized door speakers for that big mid-range punch, a lot of bass not so much. I used 4 of the Sony Walmart 4x6 speakers and a Dual TBX10A powered sub in my '92 C1500 a while back and have been very pleased with a system that cost a hair over 200.00 USD 3 years ago. Sturgill Simpson's 'Ronin' and 'Remember to Breathe' sound AMAZING through that setup cast over Bluetooth, even with the cheap Dual head unit. But that's a much larger extended full size Chevy cab...


If you need speaker options that fit like factory in the doors, get the best quality 5.25" you can for that midrange/ top of bass range, add 4x6 in the rear with 300Hz bass blockers and see how you like it before bothering with a sub in the small cab of an MJ. As stated earlier, you can always add an 8" under the seat sub later.


Crutchfield sells head unit u-wire-it to the head unit adapters to plug aftermarket into the factory harness so you don't have to cut up the dash harness. They also sell front and rear factory speaker connector to speaker wiring for a clean install.

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