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2.5 issue (fuel?)

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I’ve got something going on that is confusing the hell out of me. It might be something stupid that I haven’t thought of, but I really don’t know. 

1987 2.5l TBI 4sp, between work and whatever else, it’s been dead about 4 months now. Started initially then died after about 30 seconds. Then stayed as a crank no start. After my basic tests, I’ve got fuel and spark, and my timing is good. I don’t know why I suspected something with fuel, but if I unplug the fuel relay and pour a small amount of gas into the throttle body it’ll run for a few seconds perfectly fine.


Fast forward to now, I noticed if cranked too long gas starts free pouring out of the exhaust and spark plugs get all fouled up. After that, when the plugs are cleaned up, I can disconnect the fuel lines completely and it’ll run for several minutes, until wherever it’s getting the fuel from runs out. I did a fuel pressure test on crank and get about 13-16 psi. I have changed a few things but kind of wanted to start at a baseline. I desperately need help, because I cannot figure it out. Anything would be appreciated immensely.

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Sorry for the delay. I should’ve mentioned it in the main post, the injector is definitely firing. I didn’t test it exactly, but I can hear it and see fuel spray. I also verified I’m not getting any fuel leaking from that hole.

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It got dark so I packed it up for the day, I’ll snap a pic tomorrow, but no I’ve never had to hold the throttle open to start it or keep it running. They’ve all got their random gremlins, but this is the first mechanical issue I’ve ever had with it. It’s fired up without fail and ran wonderfully without question every time prior to this.

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