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Factory Tow Mirror disassembly

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Hey everyone, I recently picked up a set of the factory tow mirrors for my MJ. I’ve been looking into making them heated to help with being able to see behind me on my way to work in the morning. I am just wondering if anyone has ever removed the glass from the mirror housing and without breaking anything? Is the glass glued in or is it held in some other way, perhaps with the rubber seal around the edge? Any help would be appreciated. Also I know I could get 97+ mirrors that are heated but I like the look of the tow mirrors, just want them to defrost. I’ve added  a picture of the mirrors I have. 


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Carefully remove the black rubber gasket. It holds the glass in. Then it falls out for access to the swivel fasteners. Iirc, there are rivets that hold some kind of cover over the ball socket(some years have past since). They are very simple. The hardest part is finding a set with the sockets worth a damn. One could probably swap the sockets out with something similar in the junkyard without anyone being non the wiser.

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