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some one should rescue this

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34 minutes ago, Salvagedcircuit said:

For the love of...

Someone please grab this. What a steal. Hell, I paid $210 for 5 poor condition turbine wheels and another $700 for new firestones.


there's quite a few projects near me in Ohio, even a $600 one and a few for $1200 all in various degrees of restoration needed, but all seem salvageable

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still don't get your point, you don't buy a truck with rust and damage unless your willing to rebuild replace what is needed, hence restoration, not everyone can afford getting into a hobby and buy a complete or near rust free classic, I point out other options for those who can't afford the later, granted it may cost more in the long run but not the initial purchase

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7 minutes ago, Pete M said:

rampant rust mean I can keep driving it in winter. :D 


Speaking of rust buckets, I'm in negotiations with an 89 MJ for $3-600 depending on him, trying to save another from the scrap yard which is where he was gong to take it.

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